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Welding Penetration Inspection System


Welcome to Cal-Tech Calibration: Your Trusted Partner for Welding Penetration Inspection System from Pune, Maharashtra, India. We majorly target customers from Aurangabad, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli, Nashik, Thane, Talegaon, Chakan, Sanaswadi, Ranjangaon, Pimpri, Chinchwad, Shirwal, Goa.

Micrograph Tech. offers you the most advance system of weld penetration inspection with specially design high resolution microscope and USB digital microscopic camera to view and instantly capture a photograph and measure exact weld penetration depth in all type of weld sample with the help of user friendly software. The system can be used to measure all dimensional measurement (2D) like length distance radius diameter etc.

Welding Penetration Software Features:

Weld Penetration

- Penetration Depth & Percentage
- Leg Measurement
- Throat Measurement
- Thickness Measurement
- Can set tolerances for each parameters.
- Automatic pass/fail status identification based on observed value and tolerances.
- Can feed sample information in Report.

Dimensional Measurement

- Line
- Length (Linear, Horizontal, Vertical)
- Angle (Two line angle, Three line angle)
- Distance ( Two point)
- Radius (Three point)
- Diameter (Three point)


This tool is used for calibrating through calibration scale.


- PDF & M.S. Excel
- Printout with Processed imaged and results.

Welding Penetration Software Features:

- Magnification range : 7X to 45X
- Objectives range if zoom magnification: 0.7X~4.5X
- Eyepieces field is wide and clear : 10X (field size: Ф 20mm)
- Power Supply is out of the base of instrument
- The mode of illumination selection and brightness adjusting are very easy,
- Has three mode: transmitted light, reflected light and mixed light illumination.

Usb Digital Camera:

It Looks like an eyepiece. It can be easily inserted into eyepiece tube of microscope. The Digital Micro-Image displays Immediately on computer or notebook PC. It is used in the field of image demonstration and analysis/ application.


- Operating System: Support to window2000 or windows XP or higher version
- Picture Element: High-resolution CMOS chip
- Output: USB is used to adapt with PC
- Power: It is freely plugged and unplugged with no extra power.


Welding Penetration Inspection System, Pune, India Original Image