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Thermal Mapping / Validation

Welcome to Cal-Tech Calibration: Your Premier Partner for Thermal Mapping and Validation Services from Pune, Maharashtra, India. We majorly target customers from Aurangabad, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli, Nashik, Thane, Talegaon, Chakan, Sanaswadi, Ranjangaon, Pimpri, Chinchwad, Shirwal, Goa.

At Cal-Tech Calibration, we specialize in providing comprehensive thermal mapping and validation solutions to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your temperature-controlled systems. Our services encompass a wide range of critical processes, including Temperature Mapping, Thermal Validation, TTR (Time-Temperature Relationship) Studies, Thermography, Temperature Uniformity Surveys, and System Accuracy Testing.

Applications of Thermal Mapping and Validation

Our services find application in various industries and settings:


For monitoring temperature-sensitive drugs and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Food and Beverage

To maintain the integrity and safety of perishable products during storage and transportation.


For validating and optimizing processes in industries such as electronics, automotive, and aerospace.


In healthcare facilities to ensure the accuracy and reliability of temperature-sensitive equipment like refrigerators and freezers.

Research and Development

In laboratories to maintain precise temperature control for experiments and testing.

Our Thermal Mapping and Validation Services

Temperature Mapping

Our temperature mapping services involve the systematic collection of data to create a comprehensive thermal profile of your environment. This ensures that temperature-sensitive areas remain within the specified temperature range, safeguarding product quality and regulatory compliance.

Thermal Validation

We offer thermal validation services to confirm that your systems consistently meet temperature and humidity requirements. Our validation processes provide documented evidence of compliance with industry standards and regulations.

TTR (Time-Temperature Relationship) Studies

TTR studies help establish the relationship between time and temperature, crucial for predicting the impact of temperature variations on products over time. This is especially vital for pharmaceuticals and food industries.


Thermographic imaging allows us to identify temperature irregularities in your equipment or facilities. Early detection of hotspots or temperature deviations can prevent equipment failures and product losses.

Temperature Uniformity Survey

Our temperature uniformity surveys evaluate the even distribution of temperature within controlled environments, ensuring consistent conditions for product storage and manufacturing processes.

System Accuracy Test

We conduct system accuracy tests to verify the performance of temperature-controlled systems, ensuring that they operate within specified tolerances.

Why Choose Cal-Tech Calibration?


Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of thermal mapping and validation.


We offer efficient services to minimize disruption to your operations.


Our solutions are designed to provide maximum value while keeping costs in check.

Comprehensive Support

We provide a wide range of services to meet all your thermal mapping and validation needs.

Cal-Tech Calibration is your trusted partner for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your temperature-controlled systems. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your precision temperature control requirements. Trust us to keep your systems operating within optimal temperature ranges, ensuring your success and peace of mind.

Thermal Mapping / Validation, Pune, India
Thermal Mapping / Validation, Pune, India